change, like healing, takes time

I put that quote on my letter board, once. It was one of those stressful times in life, where you feel pretty challenged by all of the things that are changing. Some seasons are just like that.

Ever felt like your life is a living, breathing object-lesson? I did....

That very same day, our son broke his leg.

Turns out, healing really does take time; about 6 weeks for this one.
Here we are, two and a bit years later and I'm still learning to be patient during change.

Turns out though, it's a pretty great feeling when the waiting time comes to an end!

It's months after we expected, but I'm over-the-moon excited to tell you we've started the process to remodel Little Light's clinic space!

We've got a ways to go...but we have lumber!

I'm looking forward to keeping you guys updated and in the loop as things progress! Keep checking back for updates!


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