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At Little Light, our work is all about balance, growth, and


When you love what you do, it’s more than just a job. We take our work seriously, but your kiddo will never know it…. we love to play! Insightful, passionate and professional, we’re always looking to grow our team with talented pediatric providers who are ready to make an impact in our community. We specialize in working with children and adolescents with differences in sensory integration and processing. Our work is client-led, family-centered, and our intervention is modeled on the STAR Frame of Reference.


Check out the open positions listed below. If we do not currently have an open position, we are still interested in hearing from you! We'd like to know why you love being a therapist, what you consider to be your specialty, and why.

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therapy positions


Occupational Therapists are the creative geniuses in our world. It’s one of the most incredible things about OTs! At Little Light, our OTs are highly driven to become the experts in sensory processing disorder; which means a lot of learning and growing for our team members! Clinically, we're looking for a stellar occupational therapist who loves carrying out play-based therapy sessions. Having solid training in sensory processing disorder beyond what is taught in OT school is a major plus! If you love to play, learn more about open positions here!



Speech Language Pathologists who show a natural ability with following a child’s lead are one in a million. For our practice, we're looking for a well-rounded Speech Language Pathologist. Having solid training in feeding therapy beyond what is taught in school is a bonus; having the desire to grow into a stellar feeding therapist is a must. Are you an SLP who knows the importance of relationship rather than compliance? Are you interested in feeding therapy and helping shape lives by nurturing the love of food in picky eaters. If that’s you, share your info with us here!

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We’re committed to growing the next generation of therapists. From completing observation hours to finding a place to complete your clinical internship, we’d love to help support you in your journey.


If you're interested in completing observation hours with us, send an email to with the subject line of: I'm interested in learning with you


We’ll reach out to you when we have an opportunity to host you!

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